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Five NAA laboratories from 4 European countries: Belgium, Hungary, Poland and Romania, which composed the first European NAA network, took part in 2005 in the first ILC (Inter Laboratory Comparison) exercise on a high alloy Stainless Steel sample, trying to put in evidence possible differences in elemental analysis and identify the discrepancy sources.

The results, which proved a nice convergence of the element concentration values, although the irradiation, measurement and Standardization conditions were different, will be published in the JRNC Volume 274, no.1 (2007).

The 2nd ILC exercise scheduled for 2007, aims to make some advances, namely to identify the conditions for validating NAA as a reference technique for elemental analysis of stainless steel and biomaterial materials. The preliminary results will be presented and discussed within the framework of a dedicated session during the Workshop.

  • Belgium

  • SCK - CEN Belgian Nuclear Research Centre
    Neutron Activation Analysis Laboratory
    Dr. Peter Vermaercke - Head Laboratory

  • Hungary

  • Institute of Nuclear Techniques, Budapest
    University of Technology and Economics
    Radioanalytical Laboratory
    Dr. Nóra Vajda - Head NAA Laboratory
    Dr. Zsuzsanna Molnar - Quality Manager

  • Poland

  • Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology
    Department of Analytical Chemistry
    Dr. Halina Polkowska-Motrenko - Head NAA Laboratory

  • Romania
    • 'Horia Hulubei' National Institute for Nuclear Physics & Engineering
      'ACTIVA-N' Laboratory
      Bucharest - Magurele
      Dr. Emanuela Cincu - Head Laboratory

    • National Institute for Nuclear Research
      Mioveni - Pitesti
      NAA Laboratory
      Dr. Barbos Dumitru - Head Laboratory

    Organizer - "Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics & Nuclear Engineering IFIN-HH, Bucharest - ROMANIA