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Phys. Olivia Comsa    President - EURATOM Counsellor, National Authority for Scientific Research, Department of European Integration & International Cooperation
Dr. Ioan Ursu    Scientific Secretary of IFIN-HH
Dr. Emanuela Cincu    Workshop Director (IFIN-HH, 'ACTIVA-N' Laboratory)
Drd. Ioana Manea    Workshop Secretary (IFIN-HH, 'ACTIVA-N' Laboratory)
Ec. Alexandra Olteanu    Financial Manager of IFIN-HH
Eng. Sibila Brancovici    (IFIN-HH, Head, QA Department)
As. Mariana Cristofan    (IFIN-HH, 'ACTIVA-N' Laboratory)
Eng. Ioan Lucian Cazan    (IFIN-HH, 'ACTIVA-N' Laboratory)
As. Luminita Mischie    (IFIN-HH, QA Department)
Ec. Mihaela Zodila    (IFIN-HH, Marketing)
Drd. Carmen Cristache    (IFIN-HH, Radioactive Waste Management Department)
Drd. Magdalena Toma    (IFIN-HH, Radioactive Waste Management Department)
As. Laurentiu Serban    (IFIN-HH, Dept. of IT & C, Webmaster)
Adrian Sokolov    (IFIN-HH, Editorial Department, Designer)
Oancea Margareta    (IFIN-HH, Editorial Department)
Liviu Craciun    (IFIN-HH, Applied Nuclear Physics Department)
Organizer - "Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics & Nuclear Engineering IFIN-HH, Bucharest - ROMANIA