The public credibility of the scientific results & quality of products /services... on the market depend critically on the accuracy ... of measurements. Proficiency Testing (PT)... is the Tool
that may assure Credibility by proving Competence and Testing Performance.

The first Workshop on PT in the field of Nuclear Applications, is primarily intended as a 'School in PT', since it will provide the opportunity for discussing... criteria for evaluating performance and interpreting experimental results with experts... who organize international ILC and PT exercises... Researchers, analysts from nuclear laboratories involved in routine applications* and manufacturers involved in connected areas are invited...The 'Nuclear PT' Workshop is a unique opportunity for learning how to prove performance & get excellence.

The Workshop is also a framework for participants to present their newest results & developments ... proving performance...

* radionuclide metrology, gamma and alpha, beta- ray spectrometry , NAA, ionizing radiation dosimetry, applications in other nuclear techniques and XRF spectrometry.
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Dear all,
The Workshop Proceedings was published in September, 2008, by AIP and you can find all the papers at:
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On behalf of the Editors,
Emanuela Cincu, Ioana Grigore


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Venue: Hotel Ramada Majestic, Bucharest

Organizer - "Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics & Nuclear Engineering IFIN-HH, Bucharest - ROMANIA

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